About Us

Why are we doing this?
Based on our personal experience, most people we’ve encountered think of Balinese art in a traditional form, such as those grandeur traditional statues of Hindu gods, Kecak dance, or masks. There’s still a huge stereotype in the media of presenting Bali only in its traditional art form, which is not a bad thing of course, but this paradise island is actually filled with tons of amazing street and modern art that are not known yet to many, but deserve all the rave.

So while Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bandung are known to be the center of modern art in Indonesia, here at Bali Street Art, we want this charming isle of gods to be the next hot spot!

In short, our vision is to become the platform for all kinds of street and modern art in Bali, whether its individual artist, collective, festival, gallery, and what have you. We’re super excited to spread the love with the world!


*suksma means thank you in Balinese language